Industry Experts, Startup Companies Descend on Ireland for Dublin Tech Summit

Lucas Nolan/Breitbart News
Lucas Nolan/Breitbart News

Experts from across the technology industry appeared alongside growing startup companies at the Dublin Tech Summit in Ireland Thursday to discuss the future of the industry.

Held at Dublin’s Convention Centre, the Dublin Tech Summit features speakers from across the globe discussing innovation and development in multiple fields of technology. The venue features a large exhibition hall where startup companies from around the world had set up shop to advertise their companies and brands, geared towards consumers and industry professionals alike.

One startup, Funderbeam, is seeking to help other young companies gain funding by utilizing Blockchain technology to create an online investors’ marketplace.

“We’re Funderbeam,” said a company rep at DTS, “we have three businesses, we have a data platform where we provide information on startup companies, we have a crowdfunding platform where we help early-stage companies raise funds and we have a secondary market where we use Blockchain technology to help investors in startups who have used our platform to buy and sell their investments quickly and easily.”

Other companies on the exhibition floor aimed to appeal to a social audience such as the dating app AirDates, which advertises itself as an in-flight dating app, allowing travelers to connect with each other without internet access via direct Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app’s creator, Michael Richard, spoke to Breitbart, briefly describing how the app works.

“Basically to explain your travel experience when you’re flying, you just forward your boarding ticket to our servers, we parse the data, we update your profile and at this moment you will meet all the people using our app en-route to your trip. So if you are flying from London to Ibiza, you have the possibility of meeting people at London city, London airport, during your flight, at the arrival airport and the arrival city.”

The Dublin Tech Summit is continuing until February 16 at the Dublin Convention Centre. Breitbart Tech will be covering the event until it’s close.

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