Lily Allen’s Twitter Asks Followers to Dox Woman Who Criticized Pop Singer

Lily Allen
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

A request was made on pop star Lily Allen’s Twitter account for her 6 million followers to help “find out the true identity” of a woman who questioned details of Allen’s account of her son’s death.

Allen claimed on Twitter that she suffered from PTSD relating to the death of her first son. Allen claimed that her stillborn child was left partially inside her for over 10 hours during the birthing process.

One Twitter user questioned Allen’s portrayal of events:

Shortly after this, Allen claimed that an unknown man named “Dennis” would be taking control of her account although many Twitter users questioned whether or not Allen was still operating the account.

Allen received several antagonistic and trollish remarks in reply to her tweets about PTSD, but for some reason “Dennis” used Allen’s account to target the user who questioned Allen’s version of events relating to her son’s death, posting a picture of the user and asking for Allen’s fans to reveal her identity.

When asked to remove the photo and request for information, Allen’s account allegedly replied that the user must first publicly apologize for the comments directed towards Allen:

Users across Twitter quickly called out Allen for requesting the personal info of the Twitter user, an act often known as “doxing”.

Twitter has not responded to a request for comment at this time.

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