Safe Space Event Organizer Claims She Wouldn’t ‘Feel Safe’ Describing Event to Reporter


An organizer for a safe space event held in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration refused to speak with a reporter, claiming that doing so would make her feel unsafe.

Last week, online conservative campus watchdog Campus Reform reported on a safe space event that took place at Colgate University on March 9 in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“If you are interested in speaking up or sharing your emotions and thoughts about the executive order, please feel free to come to Chapel Basement on Thursday, March 9th at 8:30 pm,” the event description read. “This event aims to create a safe, supportive space where people can express feelings about the executive order, listen, and stand in solidarity with those affected.”

Campus Reform reached out to student organizer Woohee Kim, who in response claimed that she wouldn’t “feel safe” sharing information about the event.

Kim was given the Project for Peace Award by Colgate University for her research on the history of violence against women during the Asian and Pacific war.

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