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Labour Peer and Uni Boss Working to ‘Decolonise’ Courses

A Labour peer and university boss has said her institution is “decolonizing” it’s curriculum, that student should skip educational events that offend them, and that counter-terror laws silence Muslim and black students.

Baroness Amos

Cornel West: I Believe In ‘Unsettled Spaces Rather Than Safe Spaces’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “First 100 Days,” Harvard University Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy Dr. Cornel West stated he’s “committed to unsettling students in public spaces…you want to have a commitment to unsettling and unnerving


UC Student Body President Opposes Campus Carry Because of ‘Stabbings’

Now that Governor John Kasich (R) has signed campus carry into law, allowing each university system to decide whether to allow concealed carry on campus for self-defense, University of Cincinnati student body President Mitchell Phelps is stressing that he opposes campus carry because of “stabbings.”

George Mason college student carries a gun on campus

Watch: University of Virginia Students Sign Petition to Ban Christmas

Campus Reform took to the University of Virginia dressed as “The Hipsters Who Stole Christmas” to see if students would sign their petition to ban Christmas. Reporters Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips, claiming to be members of the fake group “Students for

campus reform

Tulane Advances ‘Gender Pronoun’ Rule, Blames Trump

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Tulane University’s student government is requesting that students and professors add their preferred gender pronoun at the end of emails and during conversations on campus.

Remake Pronouns 101