Congressman John Culberson Joins Fight to Make England Savage Again

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Representative John Culberson (R-TX) joined the fight to lift the U.K. travel ban on Michael Savage last week following a petition marking the eighth year of the ban, which the British government has never publicly justified.

According to WorldNetDaily, Rep. Culberson emailed Savage last week following the announcement of a public petition asking the English government to drop the travel ban. “It’s outrageous that you’re still banned from Britain,” Culberson wrote in his email. “The quickest way to fix it would be to ask the British PM to lift the ban. Let’s get the president to intervene for you.”

Representative Culberson left little room for misinterpretation of his opinion by adding, “Michael, this is really absurd, England should be embarrassed.”

After sending the email, Rep. Culberson also joined Michael Savage on his daily radio show, the Savage Nation. He told Savage he would raise the issue with both President Trump and with Vice President Mike Pence, whom he knows personally. Culberson also explained the specific steps the American government should take, saying, “The American ambassador needs to go to the prime minister of England and ask that this absurd travel ban be lifted.”

This isn’t the first time that Representative Culberson has championed Savage’s return to the United Kingdom. In 2011, he joined Representative Allen West (R-FL) in writing letters to Hillary Clinton urging State Department intervention on Savage’s behalf. In that letter, Culberson asked Clinton to forcefully request that the U.K. government immediately issue a travel visa to Savage.

West’s letter made a similar case to the recent petition. He wrote to Clinton:

For a nation who believes in freedom of speech and press, I have a hard time understanding why such a high-level government department would release this statement when there has not been one incident recorded in the United States regarding Dr. Savage instigating violence, let alone serious criminal acts.
Clinton did not take action after receiving the Congressmen’s letters.
Perhaps one solution would be for President Trump to name Michael Savage as the new Ambassador to the United Kingdom. They wouldn’t be able to refuse him entry then, would they? On the other hand, Savage may find that the Italian restaurants in London don’t stack up to the famous Italian cuisine of San Francisco.
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