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PragerU Video on the Importance of Columbus Day Features Breitbart News Reporter Alana Mastrangelo

PragerU has published a video on the importance of Columbus Day featuring Breitbart News reporter Alana Mastrangelo, who has stern words for woke leftists attempting to erase the holiday. Mastrangelo explains, “Here’s what this is really about. This is cultural Marxism. And one of the central tenets is to erase our history, so that we lose sight, not only of where we came from, but of who we are as a people.

Breitbart News reporter Alana Mastrangelo appears in a PragerU video on Columbus Day

Consumer Advocacy Groups Call for Investigation of ‘Deceptive’ Tesla Autopilot Claims

Two consumer advocacy groups, the Center for Auto Safety and Consumer Watched, have renewed their call for the FTC to investigate Tesla over the company’s claims related to its “autopilot” feature. The organizations believe that Elon Musk and Tesla engage in “dangerously misleading and deceptive practices” when describing the software’s capabilities. In a separate post to social media, safety expert Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger  commented on Tesla’s fully self-driving ambitions, saying they “should concern everyone who will share the same streets as a driver or pedestrian.”

Elon Musk

Madine: It Is Time for Google to Change Its Infamously Difficult Interview Questions

Google’s interview process is notoriously difficult, stretching the brainpower of the brightest whiz kids from the top schools in the country to determine if they are good enough to join the best. But Google’s focus has shifted its focus markedly, from being the best tech company on Earth to being the Internet’s morality police force — and its interview process will have to change to keep up.


FEC Shoots Down Democrat’s Plan to Target Conservative Media

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has declined a proposal by Democrat Commissioner Ellen Weintraub to investigate alleged foreign influence in the 2016 election that would target conservative media including the Drudge Report and Breitbart News, stating it “cannot support proposals that would burden the free speech rights of American citizens based on incomplete information about foreign activities in the 2016 election.”


Jeh Johnson and the DNC Have Some Explaining to Do

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testified before the House Intelligence Committee, and like any good member of the Obama administration, his testimony left us with more questions than answers.

Johnson border anti-terror

The Six Most Important Revelations from the Comey Hearing

Trump supporters, swamp dwellers, and Americans from all walks of life had their eyes glued to coverage of the testimony by former FBI Director James Comey to the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning.

Trump_ComeyEvan Vucci, left, and Susan Walsh, right:AP

Oreo Fans Face Cookie Crisis

The New York Post on Wednesday featured a column by Lauren Tousignant about a worrying trend for Oreo aficionados. It seems increasing numbers of Americans are finding their favorite sandwich cookies have changed, now tasting “chalky,” “cheap,” or “weird.”

A crushed Oreo cookie from Mondelez International

Madine: Please President Trump, No Deal with the Sleepy Devil of the Supreme Court!

NewsMax CEO and Trump confidant Chris Ruddy believes Donald Trump should “do a deal” in which Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would retire from the Supreme Court to be replaced by Obama choice Merrick Garland. But you don’t need to have read (or written) Art of the Deal to know it is not profitable to compromise with a weak opponent.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Madine: United’s Response Is as Bad as Airplane Food

It should have been clear to United Airlines just how serious their public relations situation had become when leftists rushed to decry the violence against United’s customer without even confirming that the poor man didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

Passenger United Airlines

Michael Savage: Syria Is a No-Win Situation for America

Michael Savage spoke out forcefully against intervention in Syria and aggression towards Russia during both Thursday’s and Friday’s monologue segments of the Michael Savage Show. Savage asked Thursday, “who got to you, Mr. President? Who is whispering in your ear and could have made you make this dramatic of a change towards Russia in just three days?” On Friday he condemned the strikes, saying “we just helped ISIS.”


Instagram Is a Safe Space for Obama Admirers

Do you know anyone that wishes the Trump presidency was just a horrible nightmare caused by last night’s vegan meatoaf, and that they will wake up to find Barack Obama is still their President? The bad news is they may have a tenuous grasp on reality, but the good news is they aren’t alone — Instagram has them covered.

Obama shhh

Review: Michael Savage Outlines His Strategic Plan for Victory in ‘Trump’s War’

It would have been easy for Michael Savage to write a book about the election of Donald Trump that boils down to “I told you so.” After all, Savage was one of Trump’s earliest supporters. But instead of taking the easy route, Savage has written Trump’s War: His Battle for America, a comprehensive battle plan for the Trump administration ranging from his familiar topics of “borders, language, and culture,” to economics and the deep state.