Dr. Michael Savage Gives President Trump a Prescription to Fix His Presidency


During Thursday’s Savage Nation monologue, Michael Savage gave President Trump a specific series of steps he should follow to solve his problems with leftists intent on “creating a false enemy called Russia.”

Although Savage speaks in his impassioned style, his advice comes across clearly — this isn’t an illegible scribble from the family doctor.  In short, Savage suggests that Donald Trump go on the attack. Savage believes “the propaganda damage has been done.” But he also says, “I will not jump ship.”

Savage’s first piece of advice for President Trump is to fight back with his own investigations. He argues, “If I were Donald Trump, I would hire 100 aggressive lawyers, under a ‘Roy Cohn-like’ lawyer, and I would investigate all of those who are persecuting me with these false charges. I would put ten investigators on every senator, every congressman, every reporter who has it in for me.” Savage believes that this sort of investigation would make “most of this go away.”

Savage’s second piece of advice is for President Trump to hold a national press conference. According to Savage, Trump should say he defended General Flynn because “he is a good man, and I’d do it again.” He should also explain that he shared information about laptop bombs with Russia because “that is my job as President, to protect people.”

Thirdly, Savage believes that Trump should stop tweeting, which he calls “juvenile” and “not presidential.” Savage is frustrated that instead of holding a press conference, Trump continues his “hiding and tweeting.”

Finally, Savage doesn’t beat around the bush with his suggested staff changes: “Fire your communications director, fire everybody around you in the communications division, they are failing you, and that is why you are in trouble.”

Savage believes that Donald Trump is “flawed” but “not a villain.” He also believes when leftists in government and their media allies attack Trump, they are attacking the Americans that voted for him, with “Soviet-era tactics.”

One thing is clear — Michael Savage remains dedicated to his vision of America’s future, and has not turned into a cheerleader for the Trump administration, something he promised not to do in his recently published book Trump’s War.

Listen to the entire monologue here.

Colin Madine is a contributor and editor at Breitbart News and can be reached at cmadine@breitbart.com


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