Middlebury Announces Disciplinary Measures for Students Involved in Charles Murray Protest

AP/Lisa Rathke
AP/Lisa Rathke

Middlebury College has announced in a press release disciplinary measures taken against students who participated in the protests that led to the derailment of a speaking event featuring Charles Murray.

Middlebury College announced in a press release on Tuesday the disciplinary action the administration has taken against participants in the protests against Charley Murray, which resulted the event being canceled and a professor being sent to the hospital.

According to the release, 41 students have received sanctions for disruptive protests, while another 26 have faced serious consequences via punishments administered by Middlebury’s Community Judicial Board.

Forty-one students received sanctions from the College administration for participating in the first stage of the disruptive protest in Wilson Hall. The remaining 26 students, who faced more serious consequences for actions in the hall and outside the building, were sanctioned by the College’s Community Judicial Board, which held group and individual hearings in May. The Community Judicial Board is empaneled from a pool of trained community members and, when hearing a case, consists of up to four students, two faculty members, and two members of the staff.

Further information about sanctions against individual students is considered confidential under federal law. The penalties ranged from probationary status up to and including “official college discipline” which includes a file in the student’s official university record.

The Middlebury Police Department claimed that they were unable to identify the individuals who committed acts of violence against Murray and event interlocutor, professor Allison Stanger. However, they claimed that as many as eight masked individuals in the area “used tactics indicating training in obstruction.”

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