Evergreen Students Condemn ‘McCarthy-esque’ Witch Hunt Against Bret Weinstein

AP Photo/Bob Schutz
AP Photo/Bob Schutz

A group of concerned students at Evergreen State College penned a letter condemning the administration’s role in the “McCarthy-esque” witch-hunt against Professor Bret Weinstein.

The letter from concerned students at Evergreen State College was published on Tuesday and condemns the administration for refusing to curtail a witch-hunt against Professor Bret Weinstein, who has faced calls for his resignation over his refusal to participate in what the New York Times called “a day of racial segregation.”

“We reject the McCarthy-esque witch-hunting which has taken place,” the letter reads. “Simply crying racist has become sufficient to destroy credibility and empower accusers. This has been accompanied by vigilante action against those dubiously accused of racism, and this behavior has not been reined in by the administration.”

The authors of the letter claim that the protest efforts of the students have evolved into “criminal activity” including “verbally and physically harassing and even physically assaulting other members of the student body.”

The letter also condemns the administration’s role in allowing student protesters to “control campus,” which they argue has led to an unsafe campus for all members of the community.

The extent to which the Administration has, through inaction, allowed student protestors to control campus, which has led to the campus being unsafe for all Students, Faculty and the Administration.

The authors claim that the administration has allowed community members to avoid responsibility for their actions out of the fear that those who may criticize them may face allegations of discrimination or bigotry.

The letter can be read in its entirety below:

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