MILO Fan Sues UC Berkeley for $23 Million over Abuse Against Conservatives on Campus

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A fan of former Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos is suing UC Berkeley for $23 million, claiming routine abuse against conservative students on campus.

The fan of Milo, whose book Dangerous reached #1 on Amazon’s best sellers list within a day of being made available to pre-order this week, claims that her First Amendment rights were infringed after she was forced to evacuate Milo’s speech on-campus in February when a left-wing protest turned into a violent riot.

“The suit, filed in federal court in California on Monday alleges that the defendants ‘have subjected UC Berkeley students and invitees who do not subscribe to the radical, left wing philosophies sanctioned by Defendants to severe violence and bodily harm for merely expressing a differing viewpoint, in clear contravention of their rights under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,'” reported SF Gate on Tuesday. “In addition to the UC Berkeley Regents, the suit’s many defendants include UC president Janet Napolitano, the UC Berkeley police department, the Berkeley police department, frequent conservative target George Soros and California representative Nancy Pelosi.”

In the lawsuit, the fan claims that “The University of California Berkeley (‘UC Berkeley’) … has acted to unconstitutionally curtail the First Amendment rights of its students and invitees thereof.”

“Several people, including Plaintiff Robles, were intentionally and violently attacked by both masked and unmasked assailants and the UC Berkeley campus incurred over $100,000 worth of damage,” the suit continues. “Plaintiff Robles was attacked with extremely painful pepper spray and bear mace by masked assailants amongst the ‘protestors’ because she chose to exercise her right to freedom of speech and show support for the planned speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos.”

In addition, the lawsuit also claims no campus police were around to defend students, attendees, and the speaker when violence from protesters started to erupt.

“Nearly 100 campus police and SWAT members waited in the Student Union building, within eyesight of the violence happening outside, watching the protestors become more belligerent and dangerous,” the suit claims, adding that the defendants “should have been fully prepared” for violence from left-wing protesters.

“Anti-fascists” from far-left groups started several fires, smashed windows and ATMs, looted downtown stores, attacked cars, and assaulted dozens of Milo fans, male and female, who they falsely accused of being “Nazis” during the riot on February 1.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that rioters caused around $100,000 in damages at UC Berkeley, while the damage to downtown Berkeley was reported to be around $400,000 to $500,000.

An organizer for the far-left group BAMN called the violent Berkeley riot against Milo “stunningly successful,” before warning that MILO could expect the same response should he return to the city.

Milo is currently planning a free speech week at UC Berkeley, where he will return with other speakers.

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