Ubisoft Employee Threatens to Spread Pirated Copies of ‘The Last Night’ over Politics


A Ubisoft employee announced on Twitter his intention to illegally download and spread pirated copies of a rival company’s videogame for political reasons.

Developer Odd Tales released a trailer for their game The Last Night at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Sunday to widespread acclaim. The game was called “stunning” by PC Gamer, “gorgeous” by The Verge, and “one of the best-looking indie games” in Microsoft’s E3 lineup.

However, the founder and creative director of the game’s developer, Tim Soret, quickly became the target of intense attacks from leftists on social media after it emerged that he endorsed the GamerGate movement in 2014. GamerGate, accused by some leftist commentators as a precursor to the Trump movement, spent over two years pushing for improved journalistic standards and against censorship in the videogame industry.

Now a Ubisoft employee is threatening to pirate and “seed” copies of The Last Night on the internet so that Soret “gets no monies.”

Gauthier has since made his Twitter account private and claimed: “it was a stupid rant tweet, [of course] this has nothing to do with who i work for.” However, the tweet can still be found in screenshots and Internet archives.

We have reached out to a Ubisoft representative for comment.

UPDATE: A Ubisoft representative told Breitbart Tech that the company is investigating the tweet, and emphasized that tweets posted to personal accounts do not represent the views of Ubisoft as a company

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