Chelsea Manning Attends NYC Pride Parade Following Prison Release


WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning attended an LGBT Pride parade in New York City on Sunday following her release from prison last month.

“The network security expert who leaked nearly three-quarters of a million classified and not-classified military documents to WikiLeaks was seen during the massive march on the streets of Manhattan riding in a red convertible and waving a flag,” reported The Independent. “Ms Manning was released from prison last month after having her 35-year sentence commuted by former President Barack Obama.”

“In a potentially bizarre turn for Ms Manning’s trip to New York, she tweeted that she thinks she may have ran into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had denounced Ms Manning’s leaks, while visiting a store in Manhattan,” The Independent continued. “She tweeted a photo of Ms Clinton at the Pride parade, and wrote that she thinks she saw her the day before, shopping for baskets.”

Manning’s attendance was pictured in an Instagram post,\ which showed her riding in a car holding a Pride flag, followed by others holding “Resist Transphobia” and “Resist The War Against Women” signs.

“Was honored to represent the ACLU at this years NYC Pride March <3 started to lose my voice from screaming so much <3,” claimed Manning in the post on her official Instagram account on Sunday.

In 2013, Private Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison after he was discovered leaking military documents to WikiLeaks.

Manning came out as transgender during his sentence and subsequently underwent sex change surgery and a name change following a hunger strike.

Manning made several suicide attempts during confinement before being pardoned by President Obama in January.

In May, it was reported that Manning would receive free health care and remain on active duty following her release.

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