Slate: Women Won’t Be Equal Until They Murder and Rape More People, LGBT Conservatives are ‘Villains’

Activists protest the Trump administration and rally for women's rights during a march to honor International Woman's Day on March 8, 2017 in Washington, DC

Slate’s Christina Cauterucci claimed women won’t be equal until they murder more people before branding LGBT conservatives “queer villains” in an article Wednesday.

“These men are more than just bad actors on the national stage: They seek influence and use it for evil means, then show no remorse,” wrote Cauterucci about gay conservatives in her article, Queer Villains Remind Us That Gay Does Not Always Equal Good. “They are comic book–level villains. And they also happen to be two of the most visible gay men in America.”

Cauterucci then claimed in her article that women won’t be equal until they start murdering and raping more people.

“This is a good lesson for straights to learn, too. I have long believed that women will not have achieved full gender equality until we make up half the world’s mass murderers and sex offenders,” she declared, adding, “Not that I would advocate for more mass murderers and sex offenders, but I do wish, kind of, that women made up a greater share.”

“If people believed women to be capable of terrible violence, they might believe us to be capable of everything else—the presidency, for instance,” Cauterucci proclaimed. “Visible gay villains teach the world that queers aren’t all lovable Ellen DeGenereses, glamorous Laverne Coxes, sharp-witted Anderson Coopers, and goofy Neil Patrick Harrises. Equality means having the freedom and power to be just as fucked up and insufferable as anyone else.”

“[Peter] Thiel and [Milo] Yiannopoulos are palatable to the right wing because they’re white, male, and ideological extremists, but their villainy is enhanced, not mitigated, by their queerness,” she continued. “Their endorsement of a party that works at every turn to impede the rights of LGBTQ people allows straight conservatives to badmouth queers and feel justified because a gay told them it was OK.”

Cauterucci also attacked transgender Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner.

“Gay villains serve a related purpose. Within the queer world, villains like Yiannopoulos and Thiel—and Caitlyn Jenner, another famous Trump supporter who has graciously excused the actions of transphobes on behalf of the LGBTQ community—are fantastic reminders of the ugliness that lies within our ranks, hidden by rainbow flags and an equality narrative based on love,” Cauterucci declared. “There are gays who would rather cheer on cops and corporations than support their fellow queers in valid protest. There are gays who would rather safeguard their billion-dollar fortunes and embrace an admitted sexual predator than pick up the mantle of LGBTQ equality. There are gays who feel more affinity with straight, homophobic racists than with other gays.”

Throughout the article, Cauterucci made numerous false allegations and attempted to link Milo, Thiel, and Jenner to white supremacy, the alt-right, sexism, and racism, even calling Milo a Nazi-sympathizer.

Earlier this month, “Gays for Trump” were banned from participating in an LGBT Pride parade, while Milo’s “Coming out Conservative” Pride event was also canceled by a venue after receiving complaints.

In February, Independent writer Skylar Baker-Jordan claimed he would refuse to accept homosexuals who “come out” as supporters of President Trump, encouraging others in the LGBT community to shun gay conservatives.

“Gay conservatives aren’t welcome in gay spaces because the people they support are an existential threat to our rights and our community,” claimed Baker-Jordan. “After all, queer spaces (such as bars, bathhouses, community centres, and even bookstores) were founded and instrumental in radical sexual politics and political engagement. You can’t divorce that from the social aspect, because doing so would deny the history of our community and the present reality of so many vulnerable LGBT people.”

Last week, Milo claimed to Breitbart Tech that LGBT conservatives had become “third-class citizens.”

“Conservative-leaning gays have always been second-class citizens in the LGBT community, but now it’s closer to third-class,” he declared.

Chadwick Moore, the Head of Research for Milo Inc, also told Breitbart Tech that “LGBT conservatives and libertarians are largely maligned and spat-upon by our peers.”

“Gay Pride is no longer about celebrating one another and the diversity in our community but instead has become little more than a marketing event for corporations and the Democrat party to pander to gays,” he explained. “To be a minority within a minority can be very isolating, and the enthusiasm we’ve seen after announcing this event speaks to everyone’s eagerness to connect with one another.”

“We are less than merely second class citizens in the gay community, we are reviled, much like black conservatives and any other minority group that says ‘no’ to the Left’s victimhood politics,” Moore concluded.

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