MILO’s ‘Coming Out Conservative’ Event Cancelled by Restaurant Following Protests


Former Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ “Coming Out Conservative” event has been canceled by a restaurant following left-wing protests, prompting a change of venue.

The Jue Lan Club in Manhattan, New York, chose to cancel the event following threats of boycotts from left-wing activists.

“Across the country, gay conservatives have been warned that they are not welcomed at Pride this year. Angry, bitter leftists have seized control over the celebration and made it a political statement against President Trump,” claimed the invitations for the event. “In honor of my new book DANGEROUS, I am throwing a party for the outcasts, the rebels, the gay conservatives who speak, think, and live free of liberal demands. Join me for complimentary cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres. Come celebrate all the things that make us different and DANGEROUS to politically correct gay liberals.”

A post on MILO News condemned the restaurant for its willingness to cancel under pressure.

“It is darkly humorous that a restaurant that inhabits the same space as a club as wild as the Limelight now allows itself to be controlled by leftist killjoys who are intent on shutting down gays that don’t agree with them,” proclaimed the post. “The Jue Lan Club chose to buckle under to leftists, which never works in the long run because leftists are never satisfied. Unfortunately for Jue Lan, at some point, the same leftists that threatened to boycott them over MILO‘s Coming Out Conservative event will decide that white guys running a Chinese restaurant is disgusting cultural appropriation and boycott them anyways.”

Chadwick Moore, the Head of Research for Milo Inc, told Breitbart Tech that “LGBT conservatives and libertarians are largely maligned and spat-upon by our peers.”

“Gay Pride is no longer about celebrating one another and the diversity in our community but instead has become little more than a marketing event for corporations and the Democrat party to pander to gays,” he continued. “To be a minority within a minority can be very isolating, and the enthusiasm we’ve seen after announcing this event speaks to everyone’s eagerness to connect with one another.”

“We have everyday people flying in last minute from all over the country to come to this party, it’s really heartwarming,” Moore declared. “It’s all about fun and complimentary drinks and snacks. Milo and myself will be there along with loads of fabulous others. The guest list is mostly gays and lesbians and trans folks.”

Moore added: “We are less than merely second class citizens in the gay community, we are reviled, much like black conservatives and any other minority group that says ‘no’ to the Left’s victimhood politics.”

“It’s truly amazing to see how they react to us, it exposes them for who they really are,” he concluded. “It’s amazing that being a homosexual who believes in small government and personal accountability can get you banned from a Manhattan Chinese restaurant.”

In an email to Breitbart Tech, Milo claimed that LGBT conservatives had become “third-class citizens.”

“Conservative-leaning gays have always been second-class citizens in the LGBT community, but now it’s closer to third-class,” he claimed. “The Jue Lan Club did not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the bitter killjoys who have co-opted the gay pride movement, but gays brave enough to come out as conservative will not be stopped by a venue cancellation.”

“Leftists may never learn that the harder they try to shut us down, the more successful we come back,” he continued. “Frankly speaking, our new venue is much trendier, so Jue Lan did us a favor by folding to the haters.”

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.


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