Twitter Testing $99 Monthly Tweet Promotion Service

Since making a star-quality entrance a decade ago, Twitter has become a must-have tool for journalists, activists and celebrities but has struggled to show it can expand beyond its devoted "twitterati" to become a mainstream hit

Twitter has started beta testing a $99 per month tweet promotion service, which automatically boosts the reach and engagement of participating user’s tweets.

The feature is currently is private beta, being offered for free over a thirty-day trial to those who have used Twitter advertisements before.

According to TechCrunch, the monthly service “automatically amplifies your tweets and profile,” and includes a new analytics feature that lets users see how effective the service has been.

“Twitter’s pitch for the service is that it’s extremely low friction – there’s no need to create any dedicated ads. It’s also low commitment, as participants can cancel at any time according to the social network,” TechCrunch claimed. “Since it’s just in beta, Twitter is giving participants the first 30 days free, with the $99 monthly fee applied after that. It’s still invite-only for now, however, so you’ll likely have to be patient if you’re interested.”

Many Twitter users, however, were not as enthusiastic about the announcement.


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