Louise Mensch Fires Lawyer over Twitter for Insulting Evan McMullin

Louise Mensch

Former Heat Street editor and Never Trump activist Louise Mensch fired her lawyer publicly via Twitter Wednesday after he disagreed with failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin.

Mark S. Zaid recently tweeted at failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin, disagreeing with McMullin over claims about Russian interference in American elections. Zaid quoted McMullin’s tweet and stated that the American government takes similar action to the Russian government in other countries:

McMullin accused Zaid of using a “Kremlin talking point” as the basis for his argument:

Zaid took issue with McMullin’s accusation in another tweet:

Zaid then told McMullin that he wasn’t one of his “political flunkies” and to accuse him of using Kremlin talking points was “pathetic”:

At that point, Louise Mensch stepped in, tweeting to Zaid, who served as her legal counsel, that he was fired:

Zaid didn’t seem too upset about the firing though, tweeting that Mensch was now on her own:

Mensch faced ridicule recently when it was revealed that allegations made against President Donald Trump by her and fellow Trump critic Claude Taylor reportedly originated from a single source who later admitted to being a hoaxer and fabricating the entire story. Taylor apologized for spreading the unsubstantiated claims, but Mensch doubled down and claimed her reporting on the story came from a different source. “I don’t think anybody can vet anybody else’s sources,” she told The Guardian when confronted about the story.

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