Report: Majority of Millennials Would Rather Communicate Online than in Person

Texting while Walking CBS

The majority of millennials would rather communicate online and via text than in person, according to a survey.

According to a LivePerson survey of 4,000 18 to 34-year-olds, “The vast majority of millennials and younger adults (Generation Z) in England, Germany, Australia, Japan, France, and the U.S. said they’d rather talk to someone online than in person.”

“In the United States, nearly 74 percent of respondents would rather send a text message instead of having a conversation in person,” reported CBS News, adding that “62 percent said they’d rather leave their wallet at home than forget their phone.”

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that “70 percent sleep with their phone within arm’s reach and 65 percent admitted to using their mobile device while in the bathroom.”

“We wanted to look more closely at the younger consumer audience, across different countries, and in more depth than the well-known trope that young people love their smartphones,” proclaimed LivePerson’s Global Head of Communications and Research, Rurik Bradbury. “What we see in the research data is the phone truly becoming an extension of the self, and the platforms and apps within it — digital life — occupying more than their offline interactions.”

In May, it was reported that only 6 percent of millennials considered their social media accounts to be a “completely true” depiction of themselves.

54 percent of the nearly 8,500 college students surveyed claimed that their online accounts were “somewhat true of me,” while 25 percent claimed their accounts were “mostly true of me,” and 15 percent claimed they were “not true of me at all.”

Other recent polls have shown that millennials are having less sex, and perhaps as an extension of their digital persona, 25 percent of UK millennials would date a robot, according to another study.

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