YouTube Suspends High-Profile Accounts in ‘Technical Error’

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

YouTube suspended several popular accounts in what they call a “technical error” on Thursday.

IDubbbz (5.8 million subscribers), Drama Alert (3.1 million subscribers), Styxenhammer666 (183,000 subscribers), and MrRepzion were all affected by YouTube, with the latter account yet to be restored.

Fans of the accounts, which are largely politically incorrect, theorized that YouTube had intentionally censored them, however, Miley Cyrus’ VEVO account and the Conan O’Brien Show were also briefly suspended.

“As we were working through changes in our Community Guidelines enforcement systems we mistakenly suspended several channels,” claimed YouTube following the incident. “Our teams worked quickly to reinstate these channels and most were reinstated within an hour. We’re sorry for any confusion this caused.”

After MrRepzion complained via Twitter about his account being suspended, YouTube replied, “Hey, it’s likely related to a v[ery] bad technical issue. We’re working on restoring impacted channels right now, so yours should be back up soon. Thanks for your patience!”

However, MrRepzion’s account is still suspended on the platform.

This month, it was also reported that YouTube’s parent company Google had locked people out of their own Google documents in “error” following “creepy monitoring” by the company.

Google had seemingly been setting up tools to read its users’ private data and documents in an attempt to search for Terms of Service “violations,” which resulted in the temporary expulsion of users from their data and, in some cases, even deletion of their documents.

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