Guardian, HuffPost Contributor Karen Geier: ‘Hopefully’ Kim Jong Un ‘Can Drop a Bomb on CPAC’

Guardian and HuffPost contributor Karen Geier who tweeted her wish for North Korea to bomb CPAC
Karen Geier

Guardian and HuffPost contributor Karen Geier expressed hope on Twitter that North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong Un would “drop a bomb on CPAC” this week.

“My thoughts and prayers are with Kim Jong Un today. Hopefully he can drop a bomb on CPAC,” declared Geier on Twitter, Thursday. “Before you report this tweet: Thoughts n prayers don’t do shit… I’m probably going to get put on the naughty stool for this tweet, but I am blocked by most of the conservative diarrhoea train accounts.”

Shortly after making the post, Geier set her Twitter account to private.

Geier has previously contributed to the Guardian, HuffPost, Global News, and is known for making controversial posts on Twitter.

“I am sorry that people had to tolerate Roger Ailes in life,” Geier posted just one day after Ailes’ death in May 2017, while in a January 2017 post, she declared, “PUNCH NAZIS… SAVE LIVES.”

Twitter has taken no action against Geier’s account yet, which remains verified. This is in stark contrast to the action it took against the popular right-winger Clarkhat last week, who had his account permabanned after making a similar poor-taste joke about mass murder.

He joked that it would be “nuclear-grade comedy” if there were a terrorist attack at an anti-gun violence rally, with the caveat that he doesn’t “wish ill on anyone.” This is slightly tamer than Geier’s tweet, which included no such caveat.

Clarkhat emphasized this point in an email to Breitbart Tech, saying that “I find it amusing that I explicitly said that I did not want such a thing to happen, but the blue check brigade is explicitly ignoring that.”

Both Geier and Clarkhat may have been joking, but only one is banned from Twitter.

At a recent Senate hearing, a Twitter representative told Sen. Ted Cruz that the platform “does not discriminate on the basis of viewpoint.” And yet, right-wing accounts are still getting permanently banned from the platform for using virtually the same language as unbanned, unsanctioned, verified liberals.

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