Delta College Student Pleads Guilty to Lying About Rape on Campus

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Michigan college student Mary Zolkowski has pled guilty to lying about being raped on the campus of Delta College.

Breitbart News covered Zolkowski’s story back in August 2017 when she was originally charged with making a false rape claim at Delta College. Now, Zolkowski is pleading guilty to the charge of falsely reporting a felony.

On Tuesday, Zolkowski admitted in court that she lied about being raped in the parking lot of Delta College in University Center, Michigan. She claims that she had been raped in a previous incident that took place before she made the false report.

“I called Delta College and falsely reported the rape on their campus,” Zolkowski said to the judge. “My mother made the initial call and I took the phone and continued to report.”

“I was assaulted previously, not at Delta’s campus,” Zolkowski added. “And because I was ashamed of circumstances of that, when my mother called, I vented through Delta, which was very wrong of me. I should have been truthful from the very beginning, and I used Delta.”

Investigators became skeptical of Zolkowski’s original account of the incident after discrepancies began to pop up. Additionally, Zolkowski did not have any bruising, which contradicted her account.

Zolkowski’s story continued to fall apart when the named assailant provided investigators with a text exchange that he had with Zolkowski in which she told him that she was raped shortly after they separated on the night of the alleged incident. During that exchange, Zolkowski told him to not participate in the police investigation.

For the crime of falsely reporting a felony, Zolkowski faces up to four years in prison and a $2,000 fine. Her sentencing is set for Monday, May 7.


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