Masters of the Universe Town Hall: Ann Coulter Says the Internet ‘Has Been a Disaster for the Left’

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Conservative author Ann Coulter claimed the Internet “has been a disaster for the left,” during Breitbart News’ “Masters of the Universe” Town Hall on Thursday, where she explained how it has become a threat to traditional left-wing institutions.

“The Internet has been a disaster for the left,” declared Coulter. “The left already controls all the institutions, they have all the networks, they have all the newspapers. They have the schools, they have the universities, they’re teaching pre-schoolers ‘white privilege’. They can’t possibly gain anything from the Internet. No, the Internet — oh my gosh — was the greatest thing that ever happened to conservatives. So that is why they need to go after and shut it down and they play this game.”

“Now, when Trump came along, now it’s just direct censorship, as is happening to Breitbart, but even the things that seem content-neutral… It’s like the old line, ‘the law, in its majesty, prevents a prince or a pauper from sleeping under the bridge.’ Well it really kind of impacts the pauper a little bit more,” she continued. “Any attack on the Internet, on total free speech on the Internet, is a disaster for conservatives, which is what we’re finding.”

Coulter then added, “It’s really shocking what is being done to Breitbart, this is a major threat, I’m a little ticked off at Donald Trump right now, but one thing he’s done, we may never get a wall, but his concept of fake news has been so important, so great, because who is he calling fake news? That was the first attack on places like Breitbart. ‘Oh it’s inaccurate, oh you can’t trust it.’ Evan Osnos in the New Yorker recently wrote something about how Americans are ill-equipped to determine credible news from the incredible, and you know, they’ll believe stories from unknown sources with typos. Well okay, how about this week with the YouTube shooting?”

“When that story first broke it was being covered like the moon landing. NBC brought in Brian Williams, it was 24/7, they’re flying all the reporters out to YouTube headquarters, and then a few hours later I noticed, completely gone. Not a mention of that story any place,” Coulter explained. “Oh, it turns out it was another problem of immigration. It was an Iranian shooter so they don’t want to mention it. This is an application of the Coulter rule after a mass shooting… The longer it takes to tell you the perpetrator’s name, the less likely it is that it was a white male.”

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