Masters of the Universe: Amazon Demonstrates Model Homes with Alexa-Powered Locks, Heating, and Lights

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Amazon has announced a partnership with homebuilder Lennar which will demonstrate Alexa-controlled model homes to the public, complete with AI-powered locks, heating, and grocery deliveries.

“Lennar is outfitting model homes with TVs connected to Amazon’s Fire TV system, buttons that can reorder goods from Amazon, and Alexa-enabled products that allow customers to control the lights, TV, shades and other appliances with their voices,” CNBC reported. “Customers can tour the homes in cities around the U.S. to get an idea of how they work.”

The company boasts that with Alexa-controlled homes, you can “control your home anytime, anywhere,” and even put your home on “auto-pilot.”

With a timetable, the company demonstrated what an average day in an Amazon home would be like.

“As you wake up, the shades open, the lights brighten, and music plays to start your day,” Amazon declared. “Your to-do list is now a little shorter with scheduled house cleaning, and more.”

Amazon homes would also allow consumers to, “Automate deliveries of your favorite products and save a trip to the store,” and, “Rest easy when you receive notification that loved ones have arrived home.”

“As you head home, your house adjusts the temperature and turns on the lights so it feels like you never left… Set the mood for dinner by asking Alexa to play your favorite evening playlist,” Amazon continued. “As you settle down on your couch, Alexa dims the lights, turns on the TV, and plays your favorite movie… From the comfort of your bed, Alex dims the lights, locks the doors, and sets the house to a cool 68 degrees.”

Amazon currently has model homes, known as Amazon Experience Centers, in California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, and South Carolina.

The company is also offering in-home appointments where Amazon employees will personalize current homes.

Last year, Amazon revealed its “Key” service, which allows couriers to enter your home and drop off your packages inside when you’re out.

Amazon has also been working on a service which allows couriers to deliver parcels to the trunk of your car.

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