YouTuber Arrested Following Text-To-Speech Bomb Threat at College

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

A YouTube content creator who allows viewers to pay for the ability to play certain messages, sound effects, and songs while he roams around in public was arrested after a viewer paid to play a bomb threat sound effect while he was in a University of Washington classroom.

During the live show, YouTuber “ArabAndy” entered a sociology class before a viewer paid to play a text-to-speech sound effect which declared, “Attention, C4 has been successfully activated. Bomb detonation countdown successfully started,” followed by a series of beeps and explosion sound effects.

The message and sound effects prompted the class to panic and run out of the building, before police officers were called.

ArabAndy continued the live show as several emergency vehicles arrived at the college, including a helicopter, and the video was still recording as police officers ordered him to get on the ground, where he was handcuffed and arrested.

The incident was confirmed by the University of Washington’s student newspaper, as well as the University of Washington Police.

“Around 5 p.m., a man walked into a classroom in Savery Hall on the University of Washington campus, filming with a phone in his hand. He asked for everyone’s attention and a pre-recorded message emitted from a speaker on his jacket, announcing something to the effect of ‘The C4 is charged’ and a countdown began. People ran from the room and activated the fire alarm on their way out,” the University of Washington Police declared. “UWPD takes all threats seriously and responded to this call as a priority. Officers contacted the man on University Way NE shortly thereafter and he was arrested on charges of making a bomb threat.”

“The investigation revealed this was a prank and there was no device on him or left in the room,” they continued. “UWPD, in collaboration with Seattle fire and Seattle police, determined there was no ongoing danger.”

ArabAndy’s video has since been removed from YouTube, which claimed it violated the platform’s “policy on harassment and bullying.”

Text-to-speech livestreams are becoming increasing popular, with viewers tempted to make a donation so that they can play edgy sound effects through the livestreamer’s speakers.

AsianAndy, a more popular YouTube star than ArabAndy, has recorded similar shows around the world.

In a show livestreamed in Japan, viewers played Imperial Japanese songs from World War 2 through AsianAndy’s speakers as he walked in public, as well as comments praising the bombing of Hiroshima, and pornographic sound effects.

In a similar show livestreamed in South Korea, viewers played sound effects claiming North Korea was preparing a missile strike.

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