NYT: Harvard Is Wrong that Asians Have Terrible Personalities

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

New York Times contributor Wesley Yang fired back at Harvard University after a report last week revealed that the prestigious institution was giving Asian applicants low personality ratings without even meeting them.

Yang, a columnist at Tablet, published a stirring condemnation of Harvard University’s discriminatory affirmative action policies. Last week, reports revealed that Harvard University was giving Asian applicants unusually low personality ratings. Some believe that this was employed as a strategy to balance out Asian applicant’s unusually high test scores. The New York Post published an op-ed last week entitled “The Stunning Evidence of Harvard’s Racism.” In the piece, the Post‘s Editorial Board accused the university of “blatant, egregious racism in the name of diversity.”

Now, it is Yang who has set his aim on Harvard’s discriminatory policy. Yang explained that decisions by the American courts create an environment in which university are forced to play a game of “racial balancing.” What exactly does this mean? Universities are not permitted to use racial quotas to fulfill their diversity ends, but they are permitted to take race into consideration when considering an applicant. The result of this, according to Yang, is that some demographic groups will be treated unfairly.

The conclusion is unavoidable: In order to sustain this system, Harvard admissions systematically denigrated the highest achieving group of students in America. Asian-Americans have been collateral damage in the university’s quest to sustain its paradoxical mission to grow its $37 billion endowment and remain the world’s most exclusive institution — all while incessantly preaching egalitarian doctrines.

Yang goes on to say that Harvard is now forced to lie about its discriminatory practices. How exactly can they reconcile the values of diversity and inclusion that they preach and their blatant discriminatory admissions practices?

In the face of this challenge, Harvard has resorted to the desperate expedient of promulgating racial stereotypes. In denying that it has engaged in racial balancing at the expense of Asian-Americans, Harvard has put itself in the morally untenable position of affirming a brazen falsehood.

You can read Yang’s column here.



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