Far-Left Sleeping Giants Demands Twitter Censorship After Founder Matt Rivitz Revealed


Far-left boycott group Sleeping Giants, which specializes in harassing the advertisers of conservative media organizations, is now complaining to Twitter about alleged harassment after its anonymous leader, Matt Rivitz, was revealed.

Sleeping Giants, along with other far-left groups like Media Matters for America, aims to drive conservative media off the web through social media campaigns directed at their advertisers. By scaring advertisers with phony allegations of “hate” and “bigotry” against conservative media, Sleeping Giants hopes to scare advertising revenue away from targeted websites. The group was founded by Matt Rivitz shortly after President Trump was elected in 2016.

After operating for over a year in anonymity, the founder of the organization was recently outed by a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation, which revealed the founder’s identity as Matt Rivitz, a San Francisco-based ad executive. Now, Sleeping Giants is frantically demanding that Twitter, their primary social media platform, censor accounts talking about their founder.

Similarly to the organization’s bogus allegations of “hate” against right-wing media, Sleeping Giants are now claiming that one of their detractors is “impersonating” the organization after they adopted the name “Sleeping Giants Exposed.” The account shows no signs of impersonating Sleeping Giants — all of the account’s tweets are aimed at criticizing and exposing the far-left group, not mimicking them. The account’s name is also clearly distinct.

Twitter, which together with Google and Facebook were recently called before the House Judiciary Committee to testify on the issue of bias and censorship on the part of social media giants, has not taken any action.

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