Pictures of Donald Trump Dominate Google Image Search for ‘Idiot’

Google Image Search for 'idiot' returns Trump
Getty/Justin Sullivan

Searches for “idiot” on Google Images return pictures of President Trump in the top five results, and heavily throughout the rest of the list.

According to Business Insider, “Anti-Trump activists are gaming Google’s algorithm so that when people search for ‘idiot,’ almost all of the top results are pictures of Donald Trump.”

President Trump was praising Google at the same time the search giant’s results returned his picture when “idiot” is searched for.

“Protesters are publishing articles on their own platforms which associate the word ‘idiot’ with Trump, as well as sharing and upvoting articles which do the same,” they explained, adding that the “net effect of this is that the association inside Google’s algorithm becomes stronger, producing photos of Trump when people input the term.”

When Breitbart News searched Google Images using the term, the results were predominantly pictures of President Trump.

In May, Google was criticized for listing “Nazism” as an official ideology of the California Republican Party.

Google blamed the incident on their reliance on Wikipedia, which can be edited by any user.

Despite this, Google still relies heavily on Wikipedia and continues to artificially display results from the website at the top of nearly all searches.

Just days later, searches for Sen. Trudy Wade (R-NC) displayed an image labeled “BIGOT.”

“We apologize to Senator Wade that this image appeared in the Knowledge Panel in Search. Images that appear in the Knowledge Panel are either selected by verified users or are automatically sourced from sites across the web,” the company claimed in a statement, however, incidents with their algorithm still persist.

Breitbart News reached out to Google for comment but did not receive a reply.

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