Peter Thiel: Political Correctness Is an Indicator of Greater Social Illness

New Zealand's government has come under fire for granting citizenship to the co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, despite him not meeting official criteria

Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel addressed a group of young conservatives on Wednesday evening.

Speaking at the Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit on Wednesday evening, Silicon Valley giant Peter Thiel spoke to students about America’s current political climate, his views on President Trump, and the dangers of political correctness.

Thiel spoke about the importance of ideological diversity. When hiring new employees for his various businesses, Thiel said that he often asks them to share with him a controversial opinion that they hold. “Tell me something thats true that few people agree with you on,” he said. “It’s a way to get people thinking outside of the lemming-like herd that we find ourselves in.”

Thiel then spoke about his support for President Trump. He explained that his support for the president has made him feel like a contrarian at times, especially in Silicon Valley.

“When we come to politics in this country, I supported Trump for president in 2016, it was in some ways it was least contrarian and the most contrarian thing I’ve done in my life,” he said. “How far off can something be if half the country agrees with you? But in some contexts, in silicon valley and in some high schools, it felt incredibly contrarian. How can someone who is in such a small minority ever be right?”

“I’m one of the few people who supports President Trump in Silicon Valley,” he added. “I am constantly told that I can’t possibly be right because so few people agree with me.”

Thiel argued that President Trump has polarized America because he has addressed issues that were previously considered to be sacred. “Why is it so polarized? What is the substance behind this uniformity of thought?” he said. “I think the president has called into question some sacred ideas that do need to be questioned some great deal.”

Thiel briefly attacked political correctness and suggested that its an indicator of a greater social illness. “Political correctness is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “Its an indicator that there is so much more than is unhealthy about our society.”

You can watch Thiel’s remarks from Wednesday night below.



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