CNN Leads Media Blackmail Campaign to Boot InfoWars from Twitter

Jack Dorsey and Alex Jones
Getty/Drew Angerer and InfoWars

The mainstream media is attempting to pressure Twitter into banning InfoWars and Alex Jones after it successfully lobbied Facebook, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify into doing so.

CNN senior reporter Oliver Darcy, who successfully lobbied other Silicon Valley companies to ban InfoWars, declared in an article that, “Twitter remains Jones’ only big portal to mainstream conversation… It was the only major social media company to take no action against Jones on Monday.”

BuzzFeed News reporter Joe Bernstein, who in 2014 posted, “KILL a straight white man on your way to work tomorrow,” also lobbied Twitter to ban InfoWars for hate speech.

“Why isn’t Twitter banning Alex Jones and his Infowars propaganda? Everyone else is! Please retweet to @Twitter! #BanAlexJonesNow,” posted editor Ed Krassenstein, while Super Deluxe’s Vic Berger declared author and journalist Mike Cernovich and conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson “need to next,” before adding, “[Twitter CEO] @jack @twitter, what are you waiting for?”

“Twitter, what are you waiting for?” posted writer John Pavlovitz.

“There’s no way [Twitter CEO] @jack isn’t a white supremacist,” expressed Daily Kos employee Wagatwe Wanjuki. “There is literally ZERO evidence to suggest otherwise.”

Bloomberg, Digiday, Newsweek, Adweek, TechCrunch, Slate, and even porn website YouPorn also attempted to put pressure on.

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