Rapper Post Malone Claims Twitter Users ‘Wished Death’ on Him During Plane Emergency

Rapper Post Malone
AP/Scott Roth

Popular rapper Post Malone faced danger earlier today when the plane he was on blew out two of its tires, forcing the plane to perform an emergency landing. Malone then took to Twitter to thank those that wished him a safe landing and to attack the “many people” that he claims used Twitter to “wished death” on him.

Rapper Post Malone took to Twitter this evening to express his gratitude towards those that prayed for him when it was announced that a plane he was a passenger on had blown two tires and would be forced to make an emergency landing. The plane was carrying 16 people and had been rerouted towards Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Massachusetts, but was advised to return to Stewart International Airport in New York where it made an emergency landing. All passengers exited the plane safely.

In a tweet, Malone stated: “I landed guys. thank you for your prayers. can’t believe how many people wished death on me on this website. fuck you. but not today.”

Searches of Malone’s name did not produce any examples of Twitter users wishing death on the rapper. Some users might have deleted their tweets, or have had them taken down by Malone’s fans reporting them to the company. The rapper’s fans took to Twitter following the tweet to attack those that allegedly wished ill him:

It would seem that Jack Dorsey’s decision to focus on the “conversational health” of Twitter by purging conservatives is not a tactic that is stopping hate speech on the platform — if Post Malone is correct about the death wishes aimed at him. Celebrities are considered especially critical to the platform’s success as they draw users to the site to engage with them, so Twitter can be expected to watch this situation quite carefully.

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