Exclusive – Watch: Rep. Jim Jordan Wants to Highlight Social Media Targeting of Conservatives

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sat down with Breitbart News this week to talk about censorship of conservatives on social media.

Rep. Jim Jordan sat down with Breitbart News’ Neil Munro at FAIR’s ‘Hold Their Feet to the Fire’ Annual Radio Row event this week to discuss social media’s censorship of conservatives.

“Step one is to draw attention to it,” Jordan began. “We do need to have congressional hearings to highlight, underscore what is taking place. In our situation, there are 435 members of the House, 100 members of the Senate, 535. Four were shadowbanned by Twitter.”

Jordan pointed out that the only members of Congress that were “shadowbanned” by Twitter were Republicans. In July, Breitbart News reported that the left-leaning VICE News had run a report that confirmed that Twitter was targeting conservatives and applying a “shadowban,” which hides the account of affected users from the public in a variety of ways.

“These just happen to be Gate, Nunes, Meadows, and Jordan,” Jordan continued. “Four guys probably seen as the most active on the FBI/DOJ investigation on how they handle the Trump-Russia investigation.”

Jordan argued that Twitter’s excuses for the shadowban were weak and dishonest. “And Twitter’s response is ‘this is just a glitch in our algorithm.’ Really? What did you put in the algorithm? The names Gates, Nunes, Meadows, and Jordan?” Jordan quipped.

“Well, they are private companies, they can run your company the way you want. At the same time, you can’t put yourself out there as an open platform where all ideas, conservative and liberal, are welcome,” Jordan finished. “You can’t say that and then not actually have that happen. So if you’re a private company and you want to censor certain types of speech, then you can do that. But then you’re much more of a newspaper than an open platform.”


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