Ohio State Diversity Office Has 88 Employees and $7.3 Million Budget

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A new report revealed that the Ohio State University’s diversity office has a $7.3 million budget and 88 employees.

A new report from The College Fix revealed that Ohio State University’s diversity office has a whopping $7.3 million budget. The $7.3 million budget primarily goes towards the salaries and benefits for the 88 employees that work in the office.

A table provided in the report lists the employees in the office and their salaries. James Moore III, the Vice Provost in the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, makes $197,272 annually, which is $23,000 more than the salary of a U.S. Senator and only about half of the salary of the President of the United States. Donnie Perkins, the Diversity Dean for Ohio State’s College of Engineering brings home a whopping $265,044 each year, almost $100,000 more than a U.S. Senator, a position which has a $174,000 salary.

American Enterprise Institute Scholar Mark J. Perry broke down the numbers in an interview.“To put that administrative expense into perspective, about 750 in-state students could get a full scholarship for tuition and fees if those dollars were directed to student financial aid. Stated differently, it takes the entire tuition dollars from 750 in-state students to pay for those 88 diversicrats,” Perry said.

“While some diversity staff are probably necessary to enforce federal legislation like Title IX, there are also concerns that many diversity employees are part of an administrative expansion that might be unnecessary and is a major contributing factor to the increasing cost of college, which has major life-long implications for the students who are now graduating with average student loan debt of $37,000 and average monthly payments of nearly $400 for ten years,” he added.

Breitbart News reported last week on a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research that found that hiring diversity officers at universities does not increase faculty diversity.

Over the past year, Breitbart News has written about the growth of diversity offices on college campuses. Take, for example, the University of Michigan — whose diversity office has an $11 million payroll for its 100 employees. The newly appointed Vice President of Diversity at Ohio University (separate from Ohio State University) will make $200,000 per year.


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