Ohio University Diversity Czar Will Make Almost $200,000 per Year

An employee at a money changer counts USD 100 bills in Manila on October 25, 2012. AFP PHOTO/NOEL CELIS

The recently appointed Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at the public Ohio University will make almost $200,000 per year, according to reports.

Dr. Gigi Secuban was named the first Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at the public Ohio University this week. Reports of her hiring turned heads after it was announced that Secuban would be earning close to $200,000 per year. In contrast, the average full professor at a public university earned approximately $126,000 in 2014. The average entry-level instructor makes only $50,000 annually.

“I look forward to working with the Diversity and Inclusion team to build on the great foundations they’ve put in place to help all students, staff and faculty excel,” Secuban said in a news release.

Secuban has been touted by school officials as a valuable addition to the Ohio University community. Ohio University President Duane Nellis said that Secuban is well-equipped to advance the university’s diversity efforts. “Gigi has a passion for working with students at the foundation of her work,” Nellis said. “She enjoys supporting the academic and personal development of students as well as promoting diversity and inclusion efforts on campus and the community.”

In November 2016, Breitbart News reported that the University of Michigan Diversity Chief was taking home a whopping $385,000 annual salary. In July 2017, Breitbart News reported that the average public university diversity official was earning $175,000 annually.

A pending case against Harvard University has the potential to revamp the diversity and affirmative action policies at universities around the country. The case, which was filed by an Asian-American activist group, claims that Harvard University discriminates unfairly in their admissions practices against minorities.


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