DePauw Makes Graduation Benefits Contingent on Attending Left-Wing Indoctrination Lectures

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DePauw University is forcing its students to attend left-leaning sessions with topics including “white fragility” and “constructions of masculinity” in order to retain “Gold Commitment” status, which provides free classes and career opportunities for graduates.

The Gold Commitment is a promise made by DePauw University that students will have the opportunity to either continue taking classes for free or work for the university, if they are unable to immediately secure a job upon graduation.

These services are available to students as long as they are able to achieve and retain their Gold status throughout their undergraduate years.

“The Gold Commitment is a brand new program. It’s like a lot of things in life, you have to do certain things to earn it in the end,” a DePauw University spokesperson told Breitbart News.

One of those requirements is attending DePauw’s “Day of Dialogue,” consisting of morning and afternoon sessions, as well as a keynote speaker.

Virtually all of the sessions appear to be left-leaning and focused on a subjective view of social justice or political activism. Some of the sessions include titles such as:

  • Unpacking and Interrogating Constructions of Masculinity
  • Living, Supporting, and Learning about DePauw’s LGBTQ+ Community
  • Faculty/Staff Campus Climate Survey Discussion
  • White Fragility Article Discussion
  • Communities Against Islamophobia
  • Self Care and Healing: A Critical Practice for Social Justice Change Agents
  • Accomplices for Change: Recognizing Racist Dynamics and White Cultural Practices in Daily Campus Life
  • Supporting Marginalized Groups: Strategies to enhance support of marginalized groups at predominately white institutions
  • Redefined: trans*gen*der*com*mu*ni*ty
  • What it means to be white
  • Religion, Sexualities and Gender Identities: Living and Engaging at the Intersections

“How can this be a day of dialogue and inclusion if there are no conservative ideas mentioned? This is not inclusion if it leaves out a group,” said one student, who chose to remain anonymous.

The student told Breitbart News that she attended the sessions anyway, as she wanted to keep her Gold Commitment status with the university and not lose out on benefits upon graduation.


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