Tech Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom Criticizes Twitter’s ‘Lazy Programming, Lousy Privacy’

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Tech entrepreneur and Founder of Megaupload Kim Dotcom criticized Twitter’s “lazy programming” and “lousy privacy protection” in a series of Twitter posts announcing his own decentralized social network, Tuesday.

“The new social media site I’m working on will run completely independent of hosting companies, ad networks and payment providers. It’s decentralized, by the people for the people,” Dotcom declared. “Volunteer moderators will work together to keep it free of scams and crimes. Free speech guaranteed.”

“The new social site will allow users to remove nasty comments from their comment feed… Upload videos, photos, files without size or playtime limit,” he continued. “Report spam and scams and volunteer moderators will look at it within 60 seconds… Volunteers earn crypto!!! No censorship! No bias!”

Dotcom then took a shot at Twitter’s technology, posting, “The more I work on this the more amazed I’m how Twitter got so big. Lazy programming, many limitations, lack of housekeeping features, slow response to spam and scams, limited statistics, poor comment control, crashing apps and lousy privacy protection. Rescue is on the way.”

Elaborating on his promise for users to be able to remove “nasty comments from their comment feed,” Dotcom proclaimed, “The comment will remain on the feed of the person who commented. But any user has the right to keep his comment feed clean from abuse and hate. Twitter is wrong not to provide this to its users.”

Dotcom is not the first notable tech figure to have criticized the technology behind Twitter, and in February, a former Twitter executive claimed the social network was “an ass-backward tech company” built “on a Fisher-Price infrastructure.”

“There was no real sense of urgency,” the former executive continued. “It’s a technology company with crappy technologists, a revolving door of product heads and C.E.O.s, and no real core of technological innovation.”

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