Snapchat to Release New ‘Spectacles’ Despite Failure of Last Model

snap spectacles
David McNew/Getty

Snapchat parent company Snap is reportedly preparing to release the latest version of its Spectacles product — despite the previous models under-performing in the market.

According to Variety, the new Spectacles “will cost $350, and feature two cameras instead of one,” with a potential release before the end of the year.

“With two cameras, the model is supposed to be able to produce augmented reality effects for the videos it captures,” Variety explained. “In addition, the device reportedly features an aluminum frame.”

In 2017, Variety also reported that Snap “overestimated the demand for Spectacles,” and subsequently “had to write off close to $40 million in unsold inventory and excess purchasing commitments,” while AFP claimed Spectacles “failed to catch on with users of the youth-oriented social network.”

Snap’s Spectacles entered the news again recently after 20-year-old social media influencer Luka Sabbat, who was rumored to be dating Kourtney Kardashian, refused to wear the product after being paid $45,000 to advertise them.

Sabbat, who was contractually obliged to take and upload a number of photos of himself wearing Spectacles, and to wear Spectacles in public, refused to return the $45,000 to the PR company which made the commission.

In January, Snap laid off over 20 employees.

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