Dave Rubin: Leftists Will Destroy Themselves By Purging Rational Democrats from the Party

Political firebrand and talk show host Dave Rubin told Breitbart News in an interview on Wednesday that he, like many Americans, feels out of place in the Democratic Party because the Left in America exerts prejudice by focusing on collectivism rather than individualism.

“If the conservatives are the home of the homophobes and the bigots, [then conservatives] are doing a really, really terrible job of it,” said Rubin to Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit.

“The Left, unfortunately, has become about collectivism,” said the Rubin Report host, who added that those who believe in the “collective over the individual” are the ones who are actually “exerting prejudice.”

“Right now, on the center-right, there’s a much stronger belief in the individual,” said Rubin.

“You’ve got one side [the Left] that screams about tolerance all the time, but never actually exerts it, and you have another side that doesn’t talk about tolerance that much, because they just sort of act that way.”

Rubin also said that he believes the Left will end up destroying itself by purging the last remaining rational democrats from the party, as they are quick to attack their own whenever a fellow liberal attempts to take a more moderate stance.

“This idea of intersectionality — [the Left] has created this Pyramid of Oppression Olympics that is in constant competition to be more oppressed,” said Rubin.

“If you live in America, you are not oppressed.”

It has been recently reported that the Patreon podcast platform, on which Rubin has a creators account, has also begun banning users for reasons that appear to be politically motivated.

When asked if Rubin and his friend and political commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson have a solution to that problem, Rubin said that he was unable to disclose details at this time, but did suggest that something may be in the works.

“The cavalry’s coming,” Rubin said.

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