American University Multicultural Room Deemed ‘Too Inclusive’

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Josh Edelson/AP

Students at American University are complaining that a recently opened multicultural center is too inclusive.

According to a report from The College Fix, American University in Washington D.C. is facing criticism over its new multicultural center. American University recently opened a room on campus that was designed to provide a space specifically for students from a variety of minority backgrounds to hang out and connect with each other. Now, students are complaining that black students don’t have a dedicated space for themselves.

One school official said that the multicultural center was opened in response to claims from minority students that they don’t feel “safe” on campus. These feeling likely emerged as a result of two acts of racist vandalism that occurred on campus in 2017.

“What we needed was a large community space that the entire black community could get together and support one another,” a senior at American University said in a comment.

“I would say it’s a concept that should expand beyond a single room,” one university administrator said in response to the criticism of the multicultural center. “When I’m walking around campus, this should be the principle that we’re all living under: basic respect, basic agreement on civility and human rights.”

Another American University administrator said that the multicultural center, which is also called “HOME,” was meant to be the solution for black students looking for a place to hang out with each other on campus.

“I don’t think [HOME is] meant to check the box saying ‘now our black students have a space, we can move on to another thing,’” Wilson said. “I don’t think it’s ever been advertised like that or marketed like that.”

Unlike many other universities in the United States, American University does not have a residential hall for black students. However, the true question is whether or not these types of residential communities should exist in the first place.

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