Ohio State University Hosts ‘Sex Week’ and Planned Parenthood Events for Valentine’s Day

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Ohio State University is hosting “Sex Week” during the week of Valentine’s Day, which even includes an event on how to use sex toys, as well as a Planned Parenthood-sponsored talk on abortion.

OSU’s Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness (SASHA) is partnering with Planned Parenthood and other groups to host this year’s “Sex Week” at the university during the week of Valentine’s Day.

Sex Week refers to an annual week of events in which schools across the country “educate” students about topics ranging from BDSM to abortion, under the guise of conventional sex education.

“Wait, I didn’t learn everything in high school? You’re telling me that P-in-V isn’t the only kind of sex?” reads OSU’s Sex Week description, “Hold up, most STIs don’t actually show dramatic symptoms like the ones in the pictures? And what is it with this ‘consent is like tea’ simile?”

“We missed a lot in high school,” continues the description, “That is why Ohio State is creating a judgement-free[sic], inclusive, relatable space for our community to explore the sides of sexual health that they never really learned. That is why Sex Week is here.”

One of the events, entitled, “Sex Toys 101” will be educating students on where they can obtain sex toys, and how they should use them.

“Ohio sex ed doesn’t have to be medically accurate, I’m guessing it doesn’t have to be socially accurate either,” reads the event description, “No one ever taught us anything about sex toys—what they are, where to get them, why you’d want one, how to use it safely, or how to clean them properly.”

The description adds that staff from a local “sex store” will be joining the event to talk about their products.

On Wednesday, OSU hosted an event called, “Fighting Abortion Stigma with Planned Parenthood,” in which the school invited “experts” to speak about “reproductive freedom and the stigma that comes with it.”

On Valentine’s Day, Planned Parenthood is sponsoring another Sex Week event called, “Contraception Jeopardy,” which promotes itself as a “party” that students can attend to celebrate “the many, many, contraceptives available to us in the 21st century.”

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