Harmeet Dhillon Tells CPAC: Hold Congress Accountable on Tech Bias

California lawyer Harmeet Dhillon
Harmeet Dhillon/Facebook

Harmeet Dhillon, the lawyer taking on Google and Twitter on grounds of viewpoint discrimination, urged the conservative grassroots to make its voice heard on big tech bias, telling CPAC attendees to “hold members of Congress accountable for their failure to protect you.”

Dhillon has brought a class-action lawsuit against Google on behalf of James Damore and other current and former employees of the tech giant, who alleged that it discriminates on the basis of political viewpoint, as well as against white and Asian males.

More recently, she has taken the case of Megan Murphy, a Canadian feminist who was banned from Twitter after expressing skepticism that people can really change their genders. Murphy is taking Twitter to court alleging that she was wrongfully censored.

“Facts are facts, people” said Dhillon of Murphy’s statements on gender differences.

In her appearance on the main stage at CPAC, Dhillon highlighted the market-dominating position of big tech companies.

“We have a duopoly going on for sure. In digital advertising, Google and FB control 90 percent of the digital ad market,” said Dhillon, who also highlighted Google’s dominant position in search, browsers, and smartphone operating systems.

“Google pays Apple to put its search on iPhone,” she said, stating that the tech giants also pay each other to boost their products.

Dhillon also countered claims that tech giants aren’t abusing their market power. Google is “absolutely” using its market power to suppress competitors, said Dhillon, who also pointed out that another tech giant, Amazon, has patented technology that would suppress non-Amazon products in search results.

The lawyer and RNC committeewoman also added her voice to a growing Republican chorus calling for Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to be amended to tie the special legal immunities enjoyed by tech platforms to viewpoint neutrality.


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