UCLA Students Ask for $40 Million Black Student Center

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Students at UCLA are demanding $40 million to fund a new black student center on campus.

According to a report from UCLA’s student newspaper, the Afrikan Student Union at UCLA is demanding $40 million for the construction of a black student center. The center would expand upon the various existing resources for black students at UCLA.

As part of a larger fundraising effort, UCLA recently raised its endowment to over $4.6 billion. Now, various student organizations are demanding a piece of the endowment to advance their specific goals.

The students behind the push for the multi-million dollar center are making the case that the university has neglected them in recent years. The students are also saying that the resource center would increase the retention rate for black students.

“Apparently, the fundraising was going to go partly to student organizations, so ASU is going to ask for a large chunk of the surplus to go towards financing a building for the center,” one student said.

“We’re demonstrating for the lack of support of the Afrikan Student Union in its regular daily program and lack of support in general for black students on this campus,” another student added.

UCLA spokesperson Tod Tamberg said that the university is working to create an environment in which all students feel comfortable and welcome on campus.

“We recognize the persistence of racism in American life and the impacts of racism on African-American Bruins, and we take sincere and meaningful actions to address concerns when made aware of them,” Tamberg said in the statement.

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