College Admissions Bribe Scandal: Six Harvard Alumni Charged

Both sides say data on their side in Harvard admissions suit
Charles Krupa/AP

Six alumni of Harvard University have been charged in the DOJ’s ongoing investigation into the college admissions scandal.

According to a report from the Crimson, six Harvard University alumni are were included in the DOJ’s bombshell report on college admissions fraud. 50 parents were charged with participating in a wide-ranging college admissions scheme run by William “Rick” Singer. Some of the parents allegedly paid Singer to concoct fraudulent standardized test scores for their children. Others allegedly conspired with Singer to bribe athletic coaches at top universities. In many cases, the students were recruited for sports they did not play in exchange for large sums of money. In some instances, Harvard graduate Mark E. Riddell was allegedly paid by Wilson to answer SAT questions for students. In one instance, the DOJ claims Riddell took an exam for a student in its entirety.

The Crimson report lists several graduates who were named as participants in the alleged scam. The report claims that these parents used bribes to earn admissions for their children at top universities.

College graduates Gregory O. Colburn ’79 and Stephen P. Semprevivo ’88; Business School degree-holders Douglas M. Hodge and John B. Wilson; and Law School alumna Elisabeth Kimmel are five of the 33 parents who are accused of using bribes to secure spots at top universities for their children. None of the individuals responded to requests for comment for this story.

One graduate, John B. Wilson, allegedly paid $500,000 to have his daughter admitted to Harvard as a soccer recruit.

“So I got the senior women’s administrator at Harvard is going to give us a spot. What we have to do is we’ll have to give her $500,000,” one of the emails from Wilson’s organization read. “That money, obviously, like the others, will go through my foundation and then I will fund the senior women’s administrator at Harvard.”

The scandal has led to the leaking of other allegations against top school officials. Female soccer players at Yale accused Coach Rudy Meredith of forcing them to write papers for his graduate program at Ohio State University. Meredith left the university in November.

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