Yale Soccer Coach Allegedly Asked Players to Write His Grad School Papers

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A Yale soccer coach that was named as a participant in the college bribery scam by the DOJ after he allegedly forced his players to write his graduate school papers.

According to a report from the Yale student newspaper, Yale women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith has been accused of forcing his players to help him complete his graduate degree in recreation and sports science and coaching education from Ohio State. To make matters worse, Meredith was also named as a participant in the college admissions bribery scandal. According to the Department of Justice, Meredith allegedly solicited a $400,000 to help one candidate gain admission to Yale.

The report claims that Meredith would ask the members of the women’s soccer team to edit papers he had written as a part of his graduate program at Ohio State. On several instances, Meredith allegedly asked players to write significant portions of his assignments. Allegations against Meredith first surfaced when Yale University President Peter Salovey received an anonymous letter from a player. The letter described Meredith’s alleged practice of asking students to help him complete his graduate program course work.

Meredith had been criticized prior to the release of these allegations. Some felt that Meredith wasn’t putting full effort into his role as head coach of the women’s soccer team. One player even said that she felt that Meredith had weakened their soccer skills.

“He didn’t put as much effort into his job as you would hope for from a head coach,” one former player said in a comment. “He also struggled to motivate the team and connect with players in a way that would inspire us to play for him. We didn’t have practices that gave us the preparation necessary for games, in terms of fitness or scouting other teams or things in between. To put things in perspective, many players felt like they got worse over the four years playing at Yale.”

Yale spokesperson Tom Conroy said that the university is continuing to investigate Coach Meredith in light of both these allegations and his alleged participation in William “Rick” Singer’s college bribery scam.

“We are continuing to investigate his time here, and we will take all appropriate action necessary in light of what we find,” Conroy wrote in a statement. “In considering what we say publicly about Mr. Meredith, we will balance the benefit of transparency with the baseline level of respect for privacy we owe every member of this community, and that we are compelled to uphold by law.”

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