Yale Rescinds Acceptance of Student Admitted Via College Admissions Scandal

Yale campus
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Yale University rescinded an offer of admission this week to a student who allegedly participated in William “Rick” Singer’s college admissions bribery scandal.

According to a report from the Yale Daily News, Yale University has rescinded an offer of admission to one student who was named as part of the DOJ’s investigation into a large college admissions bribery scandal orchestrated by William “Rick” Singer.

The report suggests that Yale’s former women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith served as Singer’s connection at Yale University. Singer would allegedly funnel bribes from parents to Meredith in exchange for designating their child as a recruit for the soccer team, thus lowering their academic standard for admission.

Yale spokesperson Tom Conroy said in a statement that endorsements from athletic coaches are only one factor in the admissions process for student athletes.

“The Office of Undergraduate Admissions relies on varsity coaches to provide honest and expert evaluations of individual applicants’ athletic accomplishments and potential to contribute to a varsity team,” the statement read. “The Admissions Committee considers these evaluations alongside the other components of an applicant’s file, but only students whose applications demonstrate their ability to succeed in the academic and residential components of the Yale experience are admitted.”

Breitbart News reported earlier this month on former Yale University women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith, who allegedly accepted bribes to help students gain admission to Yale. In one case, Meredith accepted a $400,000 bribe to help one student get into Yale. Student athletes had also accused Meredith of forcing them to write papers for his graduate program at Ohio State University. 

One former student athlete described Meredith as lazy and uninspiring. “He didn’t put as much effort into his job as you would hope for from a head coach,” one former player said. “He also struggled to motivate the team and connect with players in a way that would inspire us to play for him. We didn’t have practices that gave us the preparation necessary for games, in terms of fitness or scouting other teams or things in between. To put things in perspective, many players felt like they got worse over the four years playing at Yale.”

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on the college admissions bribery scandal.


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