‘Minecraft’ Erases References to Creator ‘Notch’ for Thought Crime on Transgenderism


References to Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson have been removed from the game after he expressed his belief that transgender women are not women this month.

As reported by Newsweek, earlier this month Persson responded to a Twitter post which claimed “trans women are women” by declaring, “No, they feel like they are.”

Persson also added, “you are absolutely evil if you want to encourage delusion. What happened to not stigmatizing mental illness?”

Persson’s comments made numerous news headlines from Newsweek to the Daily Dot, and Minecraft, the masively popular game which Persson created before selling it to Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion, has now removed references to Persson’s alias Notch from the game.

According to Eurogamer, references to Notch have been removed “from the game’s main menu.”

“Messages such as ‘Made by Notch!’, ‘The Work of Notch!’ and ‘110813!’ — a nod to the date Notch got married — now no longer appear,” Eurogamer reported, adding, however, that he is “still listed as Minecraft’s creator in the game’s credits.”

Persson responded to the update in a Twitter post, writing, “My options here are to keep my name on a thing I’m proud of, or to get less tightly associated to one of my products, so it’s win-win.”

After being asked by a user what year he thought was the best for Minecraft, Persson also jokingly replied, “2019[…] Nah just kidding this year sucked for it. To worried fans: remember it’s yours, not theirs. You make your own adventures in there, and anywhere else you go.”

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