Hollywood Producer Channing Powell ‘Terrified’ of Big Tech’s Future

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Hollywood producer Channing Powell is getting ready to premiere The Feed, a new television show that channels her fears about the threat of big tech companies.

Channing Powell, creator of the hit TV show The Walking Dead, has created a new television show about a real-world fear. This time, Powell’s new show will focus on a society that has been overtaken by massive technology companies, much like those that are incubating in Silicon Valley today.

“We have seen dystopian shows before but never like this. It was a very realistic portrayal of what happens when we let technology control us — and we are heading in that direction,” Powell said. “We cannot let go of our iPhones, we need to check Instagram every hour or minute. The notion that you would put something inside your head is really frightening to me,” she finished.

Powell says that Elon Musk’s call for government regulation of Silicon Valley is a sign that big tech companies pose a threat to society if they are left unchecked.

“What is happening around us right now is so scary. When somebody like Elon Musk (a radical libertarian) — who is inside this — is telling the government, ‘You need to regulate us, and stop us from doing what we are doing’, that is terrifying. Because he knows way more than we know,” she added.

In Powell’s new show, which is called The Feed, a small group of powerful people control the computer code that runs society. The Feed will ironically premiere on Amazon’s video streaming platform later this year.

Some analysts argue that society is not far away from being controlled by technology firms. Breitbart News reported this week that Amazon employees regularly violate the privacy of their users who own Amazon Echo devices.

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