University of New Hampshire Students Call Bernie Sanders a Hypocrite for Being a Millionaire

The Associated Press
Christopher Dolan/AP

Students at the University of New Hampshire were quick to condemn Senator Bernie Sanders for his million dollar net worth.

In April, Senator Bernie Sanders announced that sales from his recent book made him a millionaire. Sanders’s net worth has been criticized as he has launched his 2020 campaign for the presidency.

Now, even college students are criticizing Sanders. Students at the University of New Hampshire spoke with Campus Reform about Senator Sanders’s wealth.

“You have a ton of extra money that you could be shoveling out, but you’re gonna take it away from people who might actually need it?” one student said.

“I think it is very hypocritical,” another student added.

Students seemed to take issue with the fact that Sanders had long railed against millionaires for the harm that they have done to society. “That definitely sounds hypocritical to be advocating for those type of things but to also be a millionaire,” one student added.

“He’s constantly preaching about the billionaires and millionaires being the problem, but he himself is one.” another student chimed in.

Another student said he wasn’t surprised that a “career politician” like Sanders was a millionaire. “He’s a classic career politician, I feel like obviously he’s gotta be a millionaire,” the student said.

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