Mizzou Student Destroys TPUSA Sign, Calls Conservatives ‘Fascist’

Mizzou student vandalizes TPUSA sign
Mizzou TPUSA/Facebook

A student at the University of Missouri was caught on video destroying a Turning Point USA flyer that had been promoting the group’s upcoming event. The vandal then proceeded to call the school’s TPUSA vice president a “fascist” in response to the conservative student questioning him about the flyer he had destroyed.

Mizzou’s TPUSA student group says that the flyers they had put up last month were destroyed by leftists on campus. The flyers were to promote the group’s upcoming “Campus Clash” speaking event featuring TPUSA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk, as well as Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, and Anna Paulina.

In one video uploaded to the group’s Facebook page on Thursday, a student can be seen tearing one of the flyers off of an outdoor post on campus, before throwing it at a TPUSA member and calling him a “fascist.” The TPUSA member told Breitbart News that the vandal is a member of the”MU Socialists” group on campus.

Watch below:

Another excellent example of the “tolerant” left here at Mizzou! Hope they enjoyed Campus Clash!……#tolerance #socialismsucks #activism #charliekirk #freespeech #missouri #campusclash2019 #campusclash #mizzou #capitalism #capitalismcures #iheartcapitalism #liberty #freedom #turningpointusa #leftist #tpusa

Posted by Mizzou TPUSA on Thursday, May 9, 2019

“Hey, buddy, you want to put my sign back up?” asked the TPUSA chapter member, who approached the student tearing the sign off the post — to which the vandal responded by giving the conservative student the middle finger.

“[Unintelligible] Christchurch, you asshole,” said the vandal, before throwing the crumbled up sign at the conservative student.

“Oh, the tolerance,” replied the TPUSA member.

“Fuck off, fascist,” said the vandal.

“This was an extremely common occurrence,” said Mizzou TPUSA vice president Ian Czarnowski to Breitbart News, “My signs and posters would be ripped down within 30 minutes to an hour of me putting them up.”

I always find it ironic when we get called fascists,” added Czarnowski, “I get called the fascist yet they try and suppress our free speech.”

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