Watch: Student Assaults Pro-Life Activist at UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill attack on pro-life protester

A student allegedly assaulted a pro-life activist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) after seeing pro-life signage depicting aborted children.

A student who took offense to pro-life signage at UNC-Chapel Hill appears to have assaulted a pro-life activist, as the incident was caught on video and later posted to social media by a group called Created Equal, which describes itself as “a social action movement seeking to end the greatest human rights injustice of our time [abortion].”

“Footage of the outburst at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC) begins with a woman asking our team, ‘Did you put these [signs] up?'” said Created Equal in a Tuesday Facebook post, “As soon as the pro-life activist responds affirmatively, she proceeds to repeatedly punch and kick a member of our staff.”

Watch below:

“Did y’all put these up?” asked the student, gesturing toward the group’s signage.

“Yes,” said the pro-life activist, who later identified himself as Created Equal intern Austin Beigel.

Immediately after Beigel answered “yes,” the student can be seen charging at him, appearing to punch him as the camera goes out of focus.

“Don’t do that, please,” said Beigel, stepping backwards as the assault appeared to continue.

“Fucking terrible person!” shouted the student, “You’re a terrible person! This is not okay!”

“Ma’am, calm down, there’s no reason to–”

“This is not okay! Shut the fuck up right now!” continued the student, “This is wrong! This is triggering!”

The pro-life activists proceeded to call the police, who arrived on the scene and informed them that the student, who was identified as 19-year-old Jillian Ward, would be charged with assault. Created Equal president Mark Harrington later said that the police charged Ward “with non-aggravated assault.”

The organization oftentimes displays images of aborted babies to raise awareness on college campuses about the realities surrounding abortion.

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