Report: Asians Fear College ‘Adversity Score’ Will Harm Their Admission Chances

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Some Asian-Americans are fearful that they recently announced “adversity score” will harm their chance of admission to college.

According to a report by the College Fix, Asian-American activist groups have already begun to push back against a new policy by the College Board to increase diversity at America’s universities.

Breitbart News reported in May on the College Board’s new “adversity score” policy, which will attach a score to a student’s profile based on their level of oppression.

The new score—which falls on a scale of one through 100—will pop up on something called the Environmental Context Dashboard, which shows several indicators of relative poverty, wealth and opportunity as well as a student’s SAT score compared with those of their classmates. On the dashboard, the score is called “Overall Disadvantage Level.”

Now, some Asian-American activist groups are pushing back against the new policy. The Asian American Coalition for Education wrote a letter to the College Board on May 31 in which they criticized the policy, arguing that it could possibly lead to “disastrous consequences” for millions of Asian American families.

The Adversity Score should not be used on top of, or in combination with, racial preferences which have been widely implemented in colleges across 42 states. The coupling of these two factors will lead to disastrous consequences for millions of working—class Asian other American families. Most of these families endure tremendous hardships and make great sacrifices so that they can move to good school districts and send their kids to good schools. Without any privileged background, these families practice the principles of resilience, financial prudence, family responsibilities, and hard-work.

The College Board, which is the organization behind the SAT and AP exams, has yet to respond to the concerns expressed by the group.

Breitbart News has reported extensively on the Asian-American admissions discrimination trial against Harvard University. The trial, which should receive a verdict this summer, sought to prove that Harvard discriminated against Asian-American applicants in order to lower their overall representation at the university.

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