UNLV Provides Segregated Housing for Minority, LGBT Students

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Tina Fineberg/AP

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas now provides eight segregated residential accommodations for minority, female, and LGBT students.

According to a report by The College Fix, UNLV now offers eight separate residential spaces for minority students. The university refers to the segregated residences as a “themed community.”

Earlier this year, the university bragged about a building on campus called Howell Town, which was named after the area’s first black landholder, offers segregated floors for students based on their identity.

Howell Town is the newest themed community on campus. The residence halls also have floors for all-women, healthy living, and LGBTQ+ students, as well as floors dedicated to members of the Honors College and Harrah College of Hospitality. In its first semester, Howell Town attracted 30 residents, mostly upper class and transfer students.

UNLV officials claim that their school is the second-most diverse school in the nation. In order to defend that title, they feel that they must provide students with segregated spaces to “explore” their diversity.

“It became clear that there was both a desire and a need for dedicated spaces to explore identity in meaningful ways,” one UNLV official said.

“Howell Town offers strength through celebrating and exploring diversity rather than just having diversity or the presence of difference,” he added. “These resources and the connection between them are critical components to student success.”

Breitbart News reported in May that at least 75 American colleges offer a separate graduation ceremony for black students. Many other institutions offer separate graduation ceremonies for Latino, disabled, and LGBT student communities.

“We really wanted an opportunity to give voice to the voiceless at Harvard,” a Harvard official said in 2017. “So many students identify with the African diaspora but don’t necessarily feel welcome as part of the larger community, and they don’t feel like their stories are being shared.”

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